PT. Akbar Indo Makmur Stimec, Tbk ("Company") is a result of the merger between PT. Akbar Indo Makmur (set up on 7th May 1997) and PT. Stimec (established in 1957).

On July 21, 2001, with an offer to the public of 40,000,000 shares and 110,000,000 shares in total shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the Company officially became PT Akbar Indo Makmur Stimec Tbk. The Company had its line of business in the general trading.

Later it focused on the coal trading sector as a new businessventure that had been undertaken by the Company since 2005. The reason being is having considered that the world coal demand hds remained high as one of alternative energy sources other than oil and gas, as well as the fact that Indonesia was one of the largest coal exporters in the world.